Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blurb Book Published!

I've finished publishing my blurb book today. It's 20 pages long and includes details and full paintings and also some cool shots. Make sure to buy one today to make me happy :) CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Artist Statement

I'm interested in creating a world around the human body according to its emotional state. I like to explore conflicts I've had with people in my life and letting my mind stream images while thinking of my state of being during that time. Many of the things I put down on the canvas are both representational and abstract and represent what the human feeling's world is like the way I imagine it.
When I was young I was always surrounded by street art, graffiti, and random vandalistic acts on streets or in school which I was always indifferent to. The art I saw was very illustrative and evoked a lot of energy. It was only about a year ago that I really started looking back to these. This type of art feels very contemporary and relevant to who I am and it represents a style that helps me convey a rebellious and spontaneous feeling in my paintings. The white spaces with ink drawing, for instance, looks like stencil pasting in the streets of London by Bansky, and my representation of the human body and the weird creatures I create may remind you of the more illustrative side of graffiti.
I try to keep the color palette for each painting very limited. It helps to keep the feeling's world separate and distinct from each other. For example, for "rage" I chose a red-pinkish color palette because the rage I'm trying to convey is delicate and also destructive at the same time. For the bride painting, on the other hand, I chose a peachy-red and black color because I wanted to portray more drama.
When people view my work I expect them to feel slightly uncomfortable and energized at the same time. I want my audience to find and analyze every single detail of the painting and somehow invent an interpretation. There are clues to follow and it is always fun to hear what people have concluded. I have my own interpretation for every painting and most of them are too personal for me to expose so I try to paint in a way in which the viewer can interpret based on their own experiences. My paintings are not meant to be straight forward stories of my life.
I think my work intertwines with my interest in conflicts in my personal life. Things I would not normally be open about but try to express it on canvas for myself. It's an inside look to my duct-taped head.

New Painting Added!

This painting is about something really interesting and you are now becoming very interested. Acrylic on canvas 20x16 Acrylic, Ink, and paper on canvas.

New Painting Added!

I had fun painting the heart in this picture and making the little upside down town with the crying roses. This one is 16x20 acrylic and ink on canvas.

Blog Photo

Enjoy my blog photo but don't look at it for too long or it may cause attraction.


This was one of my first paintings of this series. The black part is actually leather glued on canvas. This one is 16x20 acrylic on canvas with leather and ink.

New Painting Added!

Ok this is from the work I did over the summer. I will post more of these when I get the chance.
Done in Acrylics, 24x36 on canvas.

Work in Progress

I am almost finished with this big painting. I think it went pretty well I had lots of fun painting it and it came out better than I thought it would. Not that I thought it would be bad but I kinda impressed myself :) Anyways this one is 48x72 acrylics on paper and also ink like all others.