Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Painting Added!

This one is called plunging Calamity and it's acrylics and cloth on wood. I have no idea what the right dimesions are but it's a little bigger than 16x20". I like the wood showing in the back :)

New Painting Added!

This painting is 48x36" and contains some photo transfers of explosions in the middle of it. Other than that it's done in acrylic on canvas.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Press! :: Pioneer Newspaper ::

I was featured in an article in the PIONEER newspaper here at CSUEB. Isn't awesome?! Many thanks to Sophia Tong and Matt from painting who helped get this done :) U guys are awesome. I was in the fornt page and u can view the article by clicking here!


We finsihed setting up the show today. Here's a flyer for it. You can print it and hang it on ur wall and worship it every morning for good luck. We haven't decided on hours yet but I think our closing reception will happen from 7-9 on (and this is definately going to be the date) Friday 29th of February.