Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live Show and Art Show!

I've gotten these ambush invitations for shows which I gladly accepted. The first one is this one at Spritzers. The show is basically a free art show with tons of different art being given away. I decided to join because giving away art is a funny concept and it is always fun to see happiness in someone's face from one of my works. The information is in the pic below. I'll be there ;)

And the pic above is my free art for this show. So the other show is not really a show but it's happening next wednesday. It's a live paint show! I'll be at the MATRIX lounge in SF (google it) painting live from my childhood sketches. Works will be sold on site and works that do not get sold MIGHT get seen in my future childhood shows. It's the first time I live paint in front of people but I'm not at all scared. I like moving the brush and creating new things instinctively. So if u wanna see me in the zone u should definately show up for this event. Don't forget! Matrix. SF. LOUNGE. NIGHT TIME!!! More details to come!

These last pics are the two pieces I'm working on. One is an installation. They are not complete and might I add the butterfly piece has changed DRASTICALLY. Either way enjoy :)