Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd Big Drawing done, Working on a New One, and Trying to Get a Show.

Here it is the second drawing! all finished and good to go.  I created this little atmosphere around the subject so there's like a 3D kind of effect to it.  I wanted it to feel like a lava lamp or at least have some rhythm to it which it does and I'm. Enjoy the pics!

I am currently seeking galleries/ cafes to showcase my work.  I think my body of work is strong and will please everybody in many unexpected levels  (yes!)  I showed some of my drawings in the B.F.A show at school and there were a couple of paintings that I liked that stood out.  One is Pam's abstractions which she paints with latex.  The concept is very cool.  I love the textures latex can form into and the use of weird colors makes these paintings seem like they came from another world.  It's very innovative.  I also liked Tony's work because it kinda resonates with some of my earlier work and style (which is still inside of me believe or not)  I like it that he's not scared to used urban art even after all the crap I went through when I tried it.  Here's some pics of the show! I also included my trio with a close up!

Also this week I started on my third biggest drawing for the series.  I decided to follow some advice from Dickson Schneider and others  and started on a small drawing made on a big piece of paper.  The idea is to over emphasize its delicate aspect and also add a sense of fragility with all the white space.  The same drawing on a normal sized piece of paper would not have the same effect.  For this drawing I'm going for animation of a single subject.  Here are some pics enjoy!