Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Paintings.

I haven't been able to enter any adventurous and artistic mazes lately but I did however work on these pieces above. Only the santa claus had guy is finished. The other I'm still working on and I intend to dig deeper on my next pieces. Visually I'm experimenting with interpretation and play of shapes. It's so weird how little or how much space has to do with the overall meaning of a face.

Friday, June 25, 2010

At the end of the Childhood road.

Great News! I was featured in an online interview of sorts at You guys should totally check out the interview as well as the website of these wisconsin-based art hunters. And the blog got mentioned too so it's like we are all famous :)

To see the interview click here!

Below is my newest piece from Childhood (the series). In this I painted the fountain character with a very heavy painterly feel and focused on vibrant rich colors that I premixed and layered on top of the surface. The surface consists of two shelves; one gray and one white, and it give a a nice minimalist background. This piece is coming along well I might sandpaper some parts of it down where the matte medium clumped but other than that it'll be this weird monochromatic piece. If you look closely there's some ebony pencil which give movement to the painterly strokes.

And below here I have the piece I was working on since last posting. It is pretty much done except I want to experiment a little bit with glazing and making colors a little more vibrant. It'll change just a tad bit and it'll be a little more colorful but the gist of it will remain the same. Just like the one above and the live painting I used ebony pencil on this one too. I fell in love with the carbon charcoal look again :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Live Art, New Finished PAinting, and more on the horizon.

The Live Painting at the Matrix on the fifth, hosted by Ian Ross, was a success! It was my first time painting in front of people and for some reason I felt very energized and just kept the brush moving. I a bit of the performance aspect boosts creativity in a very weird way. I was also a little drunk so that might have helped.

This painting is finished, I think. I"m thinking of adding colored lights to the background but I'm not sure if I will. It's probably a good idea so this painting is not finished I lied, but very close to though.

I'm working on some new stuff on fiber glass at home. It's coming a long nice and I think this will be one of those paintings where I don't have an appearance. I noticed my characters take different meanings whenever I move forward with this series. It's like they have a lifer of their own almost.
Oh oh there was a silent auction which I was a part of in Autobody Fine Art. I'm not sure how it went but hopefully it went well :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live Show and Art Show!

I've gotten these ambush invitations for shows which I gladly accepted. The first one is this one at Spritzers. The show is basically a free art show with tons of different art being given away. I decided to join because giving away art is a funny concept and it is always fun to see happiness in someone's face from one of my works. The information is in the pic below. I'll be there ;)

And the pic above is my free art for this show. So the other show is not really a show but it's happening next wednesday. It's a live paint show! I'll be at the MATRIX lounge in SF (google it) painting live from my childhood sketches. Works will be sold on site and works that do not get sold MIGHT get seen in my future childhood shows. It's the first time I live paint in front of people but I'm not at all scared. I like moving the brush and creating new things instinctively. So if u wanna see me in the zone u should definately show up for this event. Don't forget! Matrix. SF. LOUNGE. NIGHT TIME!!! More details to come!

These last pics are the two pieces I'm working on. One is an installation. They are not complete and might I add the butterfly piece has changed DRASTICALLY. Either way enjoy :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Making its Way to a Finish and Show down in Oakland.

I know I haven't posted 2 weeks after the last post, in fact it has almost been a month. I was a little busy since it was birthday and all and I just got a brand new camera in which I'll use from now on for the photos on this blog. No more Iphone shots yay! (Exceptions apply) Anyways this is my latest work and I'm almost done. I need to hang it with its instalation component to see if everything balances. It seems that that's all I look for when making artwork, balance. But my balance is so off balance that you need to hang out around these a little bit to feel the different gravity.

I also started working on a sculpture. I have never done a sculpture that I liked so I decided to take it upon myself to make a 3D object that resonates well with my paintings. I'm looking to infuse mostly colors and abstractions and also using a lot of materials recognizable to most people. Again with the whole "warm" feel I want my paintings to have by using furniture. I decided also to use makeup for these sculptures since the art store sucks at making anything new and relevant. Boo for shimmer acrylic paints. Boooooooo!!!!

This is a Victor Salazar Exclusive Close Up of an Unfinished Piece.

Feel free to click on it and enjoy how much my new camera captures. Go on touch it ;)

In other news! My latest show at the CSU Oakland Business Extension Building place is going down in the 19th so if you haven't checked it out yet please do and leave a comment with your reactions to the paintings or the receptionist that day.

I'm also working on my own website!! That's right I'll have my own website with all my work in it nicely organized and all. It'll feature everything you need to know or see involving me as a n artist. Don't worry y'all I'm still doing the blogs :D The website is a place for finished works. THe one designing the website is my sister Anna Salazar. She's starting out a career in design very soon and I can't thank her enough for doing my website. It looks amazing and I'm fascinated by how much she can invent, she's truly a natural so please check it out and send her an email if you like it :) (assuming she'll put her contact in my website somewhere!)

I'll be back in two weeks with more pics and info about my work 'till then stay safe and riot for education like the girl in this video

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finished Another One! AND show at CSUEB Oakland extension (business building) and sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peek of my latest painting for the childhood series. I'm thinking of having people be part of this one so it will be interactive. You'll see how when it's finished! For now enjoy these nice glazed colors in one of Forakis's unfinished pieces that were about to b thrown away. So I suppose it's a collaboration of sorts. I love 50's 60's geometry art. This is the second piece inspired by geometric art.

Here's the finished product. I always stare at the painting for hours until I conclude it finished. I don't really tin about color or value I just think about the implications it could bring. I decided this piece was finished because I liked the separation between painting and the wood material and how some characters submerge into the paint completely almost like a sea of dreams but one is half in and half out. The lonely figure is lonely and blocked off to the side. If you see the painted areas as individual pieces they work as stand alone compositions :) I hope you guys liked it because I certainly did :)))))


Here's the address:

Oakland Professional Development and Conference Center
In the Transpacific Centre
1000 Broadway, Suite 109
Oakland, CA 94607

It's the verses series but hopefully I'll show my new stuff around summer or earlier :)

So keep checking!

Friday, January 29, 2010

More of the painting I"m working on

shots from my latest painting. It's almost done.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Post Finally in 2010!!!

This is my latest work and I'm painting the figures on the right and cut out. THere's gonna be a little more painting that will add to the composition but the whole thing is very disconnected. I'm exploring with the feeling of uncertainty and self-awareness in this painting by not being present. The first pic shows new tables I bought to work on. Now I have a huge working station and it's great!!!!
And this is my storage space right next to the tables. It's okay for now and it's nice to have easy access to current work.

These are works from the past which didn't really quite fit into any series I had going on. I think these have helped me explore different areas of artmaking which opened new possibilities for interpretation. I'll be posting more in the future for kicks ha!