Monday, September 29, 2008


This Sunday was the day me and Lovekin set up for our show, URBAN ROCKSTAR, that'll be part of first friday this upcoming friday.  We both decided to take 2 walls each and I thought of decorating the space but since Lovekin has tons of art the place didn't need any extra things :)  The whole set up came out looking very nice but some of the lights were not working so half of the paintings are not lit up.  We should have that problem covered by friday.  While transporting the artwork from my car to the gallery I passed by this KOREAN PLAZA place on Telegraph Ave.  I love asian chips so I went inside and bought some. I bought one that had portuguese writing on it along with the asian characters.  I also bought these really oily steamed buns that gave me a headache later that day.  Anyways here are some pictures from the set up.  Enjoy!

I didn't update my blog in two weeks because I was so busy dealing with the show and all.   I'll resume my weekly posting schedule after the opening woo hoo!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking for an Opening Outfit

My show is coming up and it just hit me that I don't have anything cool to wear.  I usually don't care about clothing but because it's the opening and there'll be people that potentially want to meet with me I  have got to present myself properly.  I was thinking of different outfits but I can't think of any outfits that would go well with this event.  I know people in Oakland usually dress very grunge and punk like and my art has a little bit of that taste.  But how can I translate it to an outfit?  I went to San Jose to find answers and came up with a couple of solutions.  I think I might do the vest thing you know?  Like a dress shirt and a vest with some jeans cool belt and shoes.  This style is getting overdone though so I have to find a really weird vest that would break the cycle.  Another idea I had was to find patterned everything.  Blazer, dress shirt, pants, with solid black socks and patterned shoes and black gloves.  When I talk about patterned I mean super patterned almost to the point of being tacky but still having it balance somehow.  The idea is to have me look like a big piece of fabric walking around. the last thing I thought of was to wear something weirdly simple and modern as a way of asserting myself in the art world but having this hidden idea that I already passed modernity  with my hair style.  It's confusing but trust me it would work.  I found nothing of the sort at the mall and everything was super expensive.  We'll see what actually happens to my outfit at the day of the opening now won't we? ;)

Another problem the show has sprung up for me is redesigning the space.  I really like the black floor but I think it is my duty as an artist and philanthropist to spread my essence on the window and the back- ugly- wall.  We also need to find a DJ if anyone wants a gig this is the perfect time to send in a sample to me via email ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

URBAN ROCKSTAR- The Buzz has Started!

Yes it's coming very soon.  I have already started some buzz for my show at the Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland and right next to this text is what the postcards will look like.  The other artist, as you may or may not know, is James Lovekin and he's a pretty cool guy.  His art is both stylistically and conceptually connected to mine.  WE are both inspired by subcultures and use imagery from street art.  I don't think we replicate it, we are just inspired by it.  His work also shares that rebellious feeling and spontaneity I always talk about.  I think it will be a very sweet show and Irene Ross, the curator, was wise to pair us together.  Just by seeing both sample pieces you can see how well they hang together!  I'm not sure if we are going to hang our paintings side by side.  Could work out great but it's still a hovering thought.  What do you guys think? :)

I'm including a new painting for this new show which I think will add something new to the already existing series "Verses."  I painted this after an exhausting day of driving and working and going to school and having to go to work in the morning again with only 2 hours and 15 minutes of sleep.  I somehow felt like I was losing control and that something bigger was taking over and I thought about how unfortunate it would be if someone was in the same position but got caught in this spiral.  I asked to  not be scheduled in the morning anymore and tried to get at least 6 hours of sleep daily.