Monday, July 20, 2009

B * O * L * D

I've been working on these drawings out of the blue just to get my hand moving.  I like moving my hand quickly through the paper and I think there's a nice quality to fast lines that seem to lose control.  I also like the play between conformity and spontaneity in the drawings I made.  The duralar piece I'm showing here is semi-old but I visited it again with some more color and changed the composition a bit.  I'll add a nice sentence on the bottom but I'm still thinking of what it should say.  The color palette, when I was done with it, kind of reminded of a pallete my professor, Grace Munakata, wouuld use in some of her paintings.  I was very color minded in the duralar even though I'm color blind.  People ask me "how do you know what color to use"  I really don't but I'm not complete color blind so I know what some color schemes feel like so it's not like a colorful painting is an impossible task for me.  

I'm still looking for employment and once I get it I'll try to get a studio asap.  I wanna work on stuff and hang it on the wall and just create till something hits me really hard.  

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Moving Along II

It feels weird now that I'm out of school.  I gotta find a job now and get enough money for a studio to start working like crazy.  Don't get me wrong I am working at the moment but I wanna work like crazy.   Once I get a studio flattening and storing should be easier and I won't have to share my workspace with my sleeping space (distracting!)  I've been messing around with the duralar paper again and I started a drawing inspired by the man in the mirror.  Michael Jackson really inspired me to do my best because it's evident he did his best in his lifetime.  The energy he brought into all performances was immense.  He was always there when I was growing up on the radio and what not and now that he's gone it feels really weird.  He was a true legend although many magazines are quick to tag many people as legendary he was an actual legend (sorry Justin Timberlake u are not the new King of Pop).