Sunday, December 20, 2009

Preparing a new surface and Free Art at the Murmur

It's been a long month trying to get a job and keep myself afloat from all the bills that come after college but I'm making ends meet and still got tons of time for my work. Recently I have been sketching ideas for the childhood series and came out with a lot of good ideas but I also realized that most of the art magic happens spontaneously. Below is an angled me I'm sympathizing with.
Also this month I participated in yet another Free Art event at the murmur in Oakland. I only made two pieces this time of quick sketches of me. I think it's a good sketch and has a lot of character. Those who got this are lucky bastards. Why is everything I'm writing underlined?

Below is the current painting I'm working on. I'm trying to prep the surface with this foggy wet effect but it's taking a long time. I think I'll have to buy gloss medium to make it more dimensional. I already envisioned where the bodies will be and how much I'll show and I think it will be a pretty powerful piece. I took a close up shot of a part where I expose the layers which I find beautiful.

These days I've been thinking about my art practice and I think I need to be bigger. So I decided that I'll create some performance art and happenings which I'll be documenting and posting in the future. I'm thinking of creating clothes and making videos but I'm not sure exactly what kind of subject matter this will all entail. My decision to merge into other fields comes from wanting to live the life my paintings do.

Before you go I wanted to wish you happy holidays and thank you for following this blog for so long. I love the fact that my art has the power to bring people back and makes me feel like we are all part of something. So thanks again and I hope to see you again :D xoxoxoxoxoxoxo get over here! xoxoxoxoxox