Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Drawing Added!

Here's another drawing I made for my pen and sharpies series.  In this particular drawing I focus on rectagular shapes and emphasize gesture with gesso and quickness of the applied color.  The gesso becomes part of the composition too and I think it has a nice subtle feeling to it.  Hopefully you can enjoy this one like I enjoyed making it :)  I'm about to unertake my most ambitious project yet.  The 6 foot drwaing done all in pens.  I;m thinkng about a circular explosion for the first big drawing :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last week was one of the toughest weeks in my life.  I had to say good-bye to my dog Bubbles who was put to sleep on thursday because of ferocious cancer that she developed in her hips.  I only had Bubbles for 3 years but it sure feels like more than that.  Everyday I grew accustomed to her greetings when I arrived home from work or seeing her behind the door crack of the backyard.  She was always there and spending time with her always reduced any bad things that were happening during those times.  Some people don't understand why I miss her so much since she was only a pet.  But I think it's because she grew to be part of the family and I'm glad she did. Anyways I just had share this with everyone specially people that own pets.  There's nothing wrong with allowing your pets to become a part of your life :)

On other news I've been drawing up the rest of the new series and decided to buy a big piece of flat smooth wood for the 6 ft drawing I'm about to start.  It's gonna take a lot of time and confidence just to get through working a 6 foot tall piece of white drawing paper.  The end result I hope is delicate and unique! If you haven't checked yet I post pictures, sometimes of random art, I do on my twitter box to the right ---->  If you have a twitter account feel free to follow ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

URBAN ROCKSTAR at Mama Buzz Cafe

Last Friday was the opening ceremony for my and Lovekin's show URBAN ROCKSTAR at Mama Buzz Cafe.  It was a crazy week all in all. I had to go back to the cafe fix the lights at one point and throughout the week I was trying to print out my business cards.  I actually had them printed out at Kinko's which was a dreadful experience.  They had to reprint my cards 3 times because there were serious quality issues in the printing.  The cards came out good but I think I'll have them printed somewhere else if I need more.  If anyone is wondering where I would recommend Modern Postcard or even Psprint.  The show ran smoothly and there was cheap beer only $2.  I drank one bottle.  Many people I knew showed up which made me very content and it was nice seeing all the Oakland crowd.  I even got interviewed by a reporter from the Piedmont Post :) and I loved my outfit choice.  Here are some photos of the show for those of who wish were there.  Hope to see you next time!