Monday, March 23, 2009

Newest Drawing, Portrait for My Sister, and a Little More About My New Series!

Here's my newest drawing for my pens and sharpies series.  This one is turning out really well and I like the transparency effect the object is giving. I tried taking close-up pictures so you can experience these to its fullest.  If you were in a gallery and these were hanging they would easily inspire the urge to get closer and check out the details.

Here's a copy of the statement for my new series:
"Everything I do is based off spontaneity. When growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil and California I was drawn to the random vandalistic acts on street, both graffiti and actual violence. My work feeds off this type of spontaneous energy by exhibiting street art-like tendencies through a non-conventional use of materials; using paint substituting for spray cans or reintroducing pens and sharpies as fine art materials.

For this new series I have decided to use pens and sharpies as the main medium. There's a lot of versatility in seemingly common everyday objects and I showcase their potential for art. My work has become very obsessive and has passed the norm; the pens are no longer a sketch material because of the work's size and complexity.

When people view my work I hope they realize that art is not limited in any way. Art materials are not only found at Michael's or Blick's. I hope to elude to the fact that art does not have last forever, but can be ever changing and unique in its moment in time like living organisms. "

I was also painting this portrait of my sister because I forgot to give her a birthday present.  It came out really cool looking actually and I was happy that I was able to layer so many colors on top of the skin even though I'm using acrylic paint.  I love working on skin for hours.  There is something magical about creating skin that breathes.  Who knows I might explore painting again on my next collection of art.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 and finished the tallest drawing in the series.

There's new website that's starting some shit around the art world.  It's called Myartplot and its intent is to bring art from all artists in the world in a non-elitist kind of way.  So I opened an account to check what this was all about and was quite pleased actually.  The website works very much like things the internet has brought to us already like flickr and myspace.  
What separates this from other art profile websites like and is the simpple design and accessibility.  The layout is very light and not overworked and pretty much to the point and portfolios open up in flash which makes the single webpage presence of your profile more comfortable.  Uploading and updating information in the art works similarly to flickr so there's no surfing from page to page which can be very annoying when you have a lot to update.  I also like many of the other features.
The feature I like the most is the sales where you can set your price and safely sell your stuff and I already mentioned I like the portfolio layout.  The only thing I wish you could do is zoom in in the artwork because some of my stuff is best presented on details and I think zooming capabilities would enhance the art experience.  I would also like to see if some type of way of embedding MAP's portfolio to blogs or personal pages.  
MAP also offers a network system like myspace or facebook which is very helpful for artists who think alike.  Creating communities is a very powerful tool in the art world and networking seems to be one of MAPs fortes.  It would be nice to see this grow into different groups within the website or have online shows featuring interesting groups in MAP.
If you are tired of rejection letters or just want to get your art out there right away or maybe you just want to meet other artists MAP is the way to go.

In other news I have finished my ambitious pens and sharpies 6ft tall drawing.  I'm having trouble naming these so I guess I'll call em numbers.  This is number 9.  I'm working on another semi-big one and I guess I can onlly do 1-2 more of this series until I officially close it.  Time to get those packets going.  Be sure to check my MAP profile and see what the website is about by clicking the banner below ;) . Arts & Crafts Community, Platform, Market