Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Verses Show and Updates!

Hello Everybody,

I've been working hard on the new series and right now I got the 6 foot piece of paper mounted on my wall.  It's hard work! The thing is so big it's hard to let my mind run free but it'll pay off in the end.  I decided not to post any pictures yet because I want to impress.   As I was drawing it it started looking like someone's huge sketchbook.  It looks really cool with the massive pen lines.  It somehow question what medium art needs to be made in anyways.  I think its got a lot of charisma and thought provoking potential that I hope people experience.  

I also decided to include in this post a slideshow of Verses so you don't have to click your way back to the first posts on this blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Drawing Added!

Here's another drawing I made for my pen and sharpies series.  In this particular drawing I focus on rectagular shapes and emphasize gesture with gesso and quickness of the applied color.  The gesso becomes part of the composition too and I think it has a nice subtle feeling to it.  Hopefully you can enjoy this one like I enjoyed making it :)  I'm about to unertake my most ambitious project yet.  The 6 foot drwaing done all in pens.  I;m thinkng about a circular explosion for the first big drawing :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last week was one of the toughest weeks in my life.  I had to say good-bye to my dog Bubbles who was put to sleep on thursday because of ferocious cancer that she developed in her hips.  I only had Bubbles for 3 years but it sure feels like more than that.  Everyday I grew accustomed to her greetings when I arrived home from work or seeing her behind the door crack of the backyard.  She was always there and spending time with her always reduced any bad things that were happening during those times.  Some people don't understand why I miss her so much since she was only a pet.  But I think it's because she grew to be part of the family and I'm glad she did. Anyways I just had share this with everyone specially people that own pets.  There's nothing wrong with allowing your pets to become a part of your life :)

On other news I've been drawing up the rest of the new series and decided to buy a big piece of flat smooth wood for the 6 ft drawing I'm about to start.  It's gonna take a lot of time and confidence just to get through working a 6 foot tall piece of white drawing paper.  The end result I hope is delicate and unique! If you haven't checked yet I post pictures, sometimes of random art, I do on my twitter box to the right ---->  If you have a twitter account feel free to follow ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

URBAN ROCKSTAR at Mama Buzz Cafe

Last Friday was the opening ceremony for my and Lovekin's show URBAN ROCKSTAR at Mama Buzz Cafe.  It was a crazy week all in all. I had to go back to the cafe fix the lights at one point and throughout the week I was trying to print out my business cards.  I actually had them printed out at Kinko's which was a dreadful experience.  They had to reprint my cards 3 times because there were serious quality issues in the printing.  The cards came out good but I think I'll have them printed somewhere else if I need more.  If anyone is wondering where I would recommend Modern Postcard or even Psprint.  The show ran smoothly and there was cheap beer only $2.  I drank one bottle.  Many people I knew showed up which made me very content and it was nice seeing all the Oakland crowd.  I even got interviewed by a reporter from the Piedmont Post :) and I loved my outfit choice.  Here are some photos of the show for those of who wish were there.  Hope to see you next time!  

Monday, September 29, 2008


This Sunday was the day me and Lovekin set up for our show, URBAN ROCKSTAR, that'll be part of first friday this upcoming friday.  We both decided to take 2 walls each and I thought of decorating the space but since Lovekin has tons of art the place didn't need any extra things :)  The whole set up came out looking very nice but some of the lights were not working so half of the paintings are not lit up.  We should have that problem covered by friday.  While transporting the artwork from my car to the gallery I passed by this KOREAN PLAZA place on Telegraph Ave.  I love asian chips so I went inside and bought some. I bought one that had portuguese writing on it along with the asian characters.  I also bought these really oily steamed buns that gave me a headache later that day.  Anyways here are some pictures from the set up.  Enjoy!

I didn't update my blog in two weeks because I was so busy dealing with the show and all.   I'll resume my weekly posting schedule after the opening woo hoo!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking for an Opening Outfit

My show is coming up and it just hit me that I don't have anything cool to wear.  I usually don't care about clothing but because it's the opening and there'll be people that potentially want to meet with me I  have got to present myself properly.  I was thinking of different outfits but I can't think of any outfits that would go well with this event.  I know people in Oakland usually dress very grunge and punk like and my art has a little bit of that taste.  But how can I translate it to an outfit?  I went to San Jose to find answers and came up with a couple of solutions.  I think I might do the vest thing you know?  Like a dress shirt and a vest with some jeans cool belt and shoes.  This style is getting overdone though so I have to find a really weird vest that would break the cycle.  Another idea I had was to find patterned everything.  Blazer, dress shirt, pants, with solid black socks and patterned shoes and black gloves.  When I talk about patterned I mean super patterned almost to the point of being tacky but still having it balance somehow.  The idea is to have me look like a big piece of fabric walking around. the last thing I thought of was to wear something weirdly simple and modern as a way of asserting myself in the art world but having this hidden idea that I already passed modernity  with my hair style.  It's confusing but trust me it would work.  I found nothing of the sort at the mall and everything was super expensive.  We'll see what actually happens to my outfit at the day of the opening now won't we? ;)

Another problem the show has sprung up for me is redesigning the space.  I really like the black floor but I think it is my duty as an artist and philanthropist to spread my essence on the window and the back- ugly- wall.  We also need to find a DJ if anyone wants a gig this is the perfect time to send in a sample to me via email ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

URBAN ROCKSTAR- The Buzz has Started!

Yes it's coming very soon.  I have already started some buzz for my show at the Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland and right next to this text is what the postcards will look like.  The other artist, as you may or may not know, is James Lovekin and he's a pretty cool guy.  His art is both stylistically and conceptually connected to mine.  WE are both inspired by subcultures and use imagery from street art.  I don't think we replicate it, we are just inspired by it.  His work also shares that rebellious feeling and spontaneity I always talk about.  I think it will be a very sweet show and Irene Ross, the curator, was wise to pair us together.  Just by seeing both sample pieces you can see how well they hang together!  I'm not sure if we are going to hang our paintings side by side.  Could work out great but it's still a hovering thought.  What do you guys think? :)

I'm including a new painting for this new show which I think will add something new to the already existing series "Verses."  I painted this after an exhausting day of driving and working and going to school and having to go to work in the morning again with only 2 hours and 15 minutes of sleep.  I somehow felt like I was losing control and that something bigger was taking over and I thought about how unfortunate it would be if someone was in the same position but got caught in this spiral.  I asked to  not be scheduled in the morning anymore and tried to get at least 6 hours of sleep daily.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dead squirrels and Attitude

So I was walking my dog Bubbles the other day and in the middle of our walk we came across a dead squirrel.  Unlike most dead squirrels this one did not have any tire marks on it or was completely hard like most of them are when you find them dead on the street.  It was just lying there back on the ground and looking up to the sky.  I assumed it fell from the lamp post but my sister who was next to me said "you're an idiot."  A couple of days later I came across another dead squirrel but this one was in front of the driveway of where I live.  It was lying on the ground just  like the other squirrel we found the other day.  I knew something wrong was going on.  Squirrels are falling from high places and killing themselves! It's worst than the disappearing bees around the world!  I was so puzzled that I decided to take a picture of the poor animal but I was too late.  A car parked on top of it.  So I made a small drawing of it. 
Last week I decided to clear up things around my room because it was getting too crowded.  I threw many things away like plush toys, tourist sweaters, small souvenirs, and old notebooks for classes I've taken years ago.  I came across a lot of old technology like web cams, microphones, and little sound systems for computers. I had to throw those things away because I already have all of that built-in on my laptop.  Technology changes way too quickly y'all.  After clearing up most of the garbage I was collecting I started to feel the space reappear again in my room.  I decided to post drawings I like on the wall because I don't ever hang my art on my bedroom wall but this was the time.  I found this drawing of two women facing the viewer from the back and posing with attitude.  I decided to put them both together because I thought they made a good team.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Book review+ I was fat+ Very First Drawing

I've been reading this book called The Accidental Masterpiece by Michael Kimmelman.  It's very interesting and easy to read.  Kimmelman writes about the beauty of art which is very hard to define but he somehow does it by mentioning various works that are considered art. When I read most of it it kinda seemed that everything could be art if you just gave enough thought.  But then as you read more and more and how photographs taken by "normal" people can be passed as art- taken in consideration the randomness of the shot and the idea that an untrained eye taking the photograph- Kimmelman starts to uncover the other factors of art-making that are often not thought about or even noticed as art by most people.  His criticism of the art included in the book is also very helpful if one wants to  understand what critics think about when viewing art- and apparently they think about EVERYTHING.  If you read this book you will definitely have more to contemplate when viewing art other than just technique and retinal qualities.  

On other news, I've discovered that my skin is highly elastic.  This results from the time I was a little more spacious than the average citizen (220 lbs.)  I wore pants that were size 40-42 and ate a crunch bar religiously everyday.  I also had tons of pimples and my forehead looked like the back of the crunch bar I was eating.  But I lost it all. It happened when I decided to stop eating burgers and drinking soda and started exercising regularly.  Now I'm super hot and everybody loves me. Well not really, but it does feel good to lose all the weight.  

This is the very first drawing I made from the drawing series I'm working on.  The concept of it all is to have drawings which people can associate with by seeing that they were drawn with ball point pens.  I want people to feel the human hand but not the artist human hand but a anyone's hand like "I could do that too" type of feeling. I use gesso instead of white out because white out is too messy and gesso sends the same I-did-this-with-office-supplies-and-lots-of-time feeling that I want people to feel. I'm thinking about making a new drawing this week inspired by the flying 7' x 6' slab of concrete that hit me and my sister on the 880 freeway here in CA and once its done I'll post it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mama Buzz cafe + San Francisco + World of Warcraft

Last week I went to Oakland to discuss my upcoming show at Mama Buzz cafe in October with Irene Ross, the curator, and James Lovekin, the other artist exhibiting alongside of me.  The show will run from October 3rd to the 25th.  Me and Lovekin's art is similar in many aspects.  We are both inspired subcultures and our art is popping.  I'll be exhibiting all my paintings from the Verses shows and he will be exhibiting from his Sideshow series which I think is currently up in Luca's cafe in Oakland.  Irene is super nice and we had a friendly smoke when we went over things.

The space is nice but I'm still thinking about redesigning it a little bit. I want it to feel like a show rather than an exhibition and I hope I can create an environment attractive enough to draw some attention.  I'm thinking something black and dramatic to go with the white walls.  We can't really abuse the walls so I'm thinking of things that'll stick. 

On other news we went to San Francisco because I haven't done anything fun in a while.  Sometimes it's good to take time to yourself and just kick back and drink a mocha and think about things..
We also saw these cool sunglasses ads and decided that our sunglasses should be part of it.
On a sadder note I quit playing this really infamous online game, World of Warcraft.  I played it for about a year and a half but lately it's been just very monotonous so I decided to stop.  In-game I joined a guild (you probably think I'm nerdy) and I did help people in it when I had time.  I always thought my acts of kindness- running people through dungeons, helping them in arena battles, or just protecting them from the opposing faction- would always be taken for granted because of the nature of the game.  But when my last day came and I bid farewell to all my guildmates they actually thanked me, each one individually, for things I've done to help them in the past.  I couldn't believe the amount of responses and people whose game experience I changed by just lending them a hand.  It was very touching :.)  I felt moved and I think it was because when I used to live in Pomona, CA I felt sad that I had to leave all the friendships I created and all the people that changed me or whom I changed.  Everything comes to an end someday and only after a while you realize how good it was. 

Monday, August 4, 2008

"This is the End" and new drawing added!

This weekend was very hot. Not only did the heat get to me but also my friend (in a non-sexual way), Allen Yang, from UCD came down to Hayward to visit me. I told him before hand that I wanted to make a song up and record so i could post it on my blog. We both enjoy music and for different reasons we can't always play because of other things (i.e: being an artist, studying for med school, or just taking poor bubbles out for a stroll.) We went to the music dept at CSUEB and found a room and created "This is the End" in which he gets to play a scorching solo and set up sexy intricate chords that not even the BEST of the BEST can expect in a song recorded on my laptop.

The lyrics were written by me and the base melody was created by both me and Allen. The arrangement and piano is Allen. I hope you guys enjoy the end result. Very Jazzy ;)

This Is The End.mp3

This is another drawing I've finished.  I used shapes to define bigger shapes and only used vertical lines to draw everything.  The more you look the more shapes you can find and the whole composition starts making sense when your occult finds those shapes.  I felt very accomplished when I saw this up in my studio.  I'm diving into deeper and deeper depths with my art and it feels like I'm going to end up somewhere great.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I gave myself a Haircut.

I always cut my hair. Been doing it since 4 years ago when I found out that everything can be done by yourself.  Of course it didn't come out wonderful the first few tries but I think I perfected my own style.  And I thought about making a video about it because Britney made one and it seemed to attract lots of people.  I grab my scissors and twirl my hair and cut it (different sizes create "layering".)  Then I style it and trim it to the right size.  I also learned that bringing a white attracive plastic bag helps contain any type of mess that haircutting might bring.  And NO i never cut myself! K thanks.

In other news, I have been reading this very interesting book called the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.  I know it's a business book but art is business y'all.  Reading makes things feel so much easier and simpler.
  What I like most about it is that he can make you think in ways that make prioritizing and working smaller while creating more productivity.  It also talks about outsourcing and getting Personal or Virtual Assistants.  Who knows someday I'll sell so much art that I'll need assistants to help me with things like filing artwork, buying supplies, or buying me double-no-whip-150 degrees-Mochas when critics or collectors get on my nerves.  This book feels more like a philosophy for a simple and productive life. I give it the Salazar stamp of approval!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

American Idol + Twitter

So I really wanted to audition for American Idol this year because I love to sing. I used to be in Choir back in HS and took like 6 months of singing lessons which kinda helped me keep singing. 4 years later (2008) I still sing even though I'm not part of any choirs or anything of the kind and I thought maybe auditioning for AI would be a funny way to evaluate what I'm worth in the public media. Anyways here's what I would have auditioned with if I didn't miss the deadlines. The song is Chasing Pavements by Adele (Sung A Capulco!) :) Sorry about the metronome sound in the back it's not part of the song...

Chasing Pavements.mp3

This is the face I would have made if I won and this is the face I would have made if lost (left right respectively)

I also opened a twitter account and it's pretty cool to keep in touch with people you know or to just let people know what you are up to.  If you want to befriend me and follow me look for me by email - at  Don't be shy new experiences are always exciting and you never know what is up next when I'm in the mix ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Street Inspired Art by Victor Salazar.

Check out my story on , if you "read more" it will redirect you to my blogspot but you can still support me by digging it :)

"Brazilian-born artist Victor Salazar, 22, is having a show in October which is part of First-Friday of the Oakland Art Murmur in Oakland, CA. The pieces were inspired by emotional impulses and street art references Salazar has experienced while living both in the United States and Brazil. You can find photos of the pieces and more in his blog"

read more digg story

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Award! And a sneak preview to new work!

Me Receiving the Jeremy Morgan Award for Pictorial Arts.
New work wow! Everything done in BIC pens and sharpies and gesso and lots of passion and love!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Juried Exhibition at CSUEB

Two of my pieces got chosen to be shown at the Juried Exhibition in Cal State East Bay. One of them is from Verses, Fragile Frenzy, if you have time come to the opening reception on the 20th of May 5-7PM I think. I'll be there and you can touch me.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Painting Added!

This one is called plunging Calamity and it's acrylics and cloth on wood. I have no idea what the right dimesions are but it's a little bigger than 16x20". I like the wood showing in the back :)

New Painting Added!

This painting is 48x36" and contains some photo transfers of explosions in the middle of it. Other than that it's done in acrylic on canvas.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Press! :: Pioneer Newspaper ::

I was featured in an article in the PIONEER newspaper here at CSUEB. Isn't awesome?! Many thanks to Sophia Tong and Matt from painting who helped get this done :) U guys are awesome. I was in the fornt page and u can view the article by clicking here!


We finsihed setting up the show today. Here's a flyer for it. You can print it and hang it on ur wall and worship it every morning for good luck. We haven't decided on hours yet but I think our closing reception will happen from 7-9 on (and this is definately going to be the date) Friday 29th of February.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


You heard me! Me and Jill Therrien (Look under friends) are having a duo show at Rooz Cafe in Oakland (1918 Park Blvd I believe). The show runs from the 4th of February to the 3rd of March and since it was very short notice and all we won't have opening. Instead we'll have a closing on the 29th of feb that's a friday btw. The owner asked me if I knew of any bands? Are you a band interested in a gig? if so, send me your page and I'll let you join i n the fun wmahhaahhh :D


So yah we had the opening on the 27th of January and it was awesome. All people from all lands showed up tall and short and human and animal. It ended way after 9pm like it was supposed to. But anyways here are some pics for y'all that missed it :D

Thank you all that showed up. I really appreciate it and I had lots of fun too. Cya all next time.