Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Opening (Zeitgeist)

The opening was a lot of fun and it was cool to see the new series on a gallery's wall.  The big drawings when hung look  a little wrinkly but it kind of goes with the sketchbook spontaneous feeling I was going for.  If you were to buy you could always frame it though :P  We were required to make free art to give away and put outside the gallery.  I made a stencil of me and a pokemon and put it outside.  Thank goodness it got taken! You know how weird it would feel to have artwork rejected even if it's free?!  Anyway here are some pics of the show!

Free Art

I was "volunteering" today at a booth at summerfest and Kaila, the booth's owner's daughter found out that I draw and asked me to draw random things for her.  I actually drew because it'd be a fun experiment to see what kind of things she'd want.  Below is a pic she requested.

I also wanted to thank everyone that came out to see the show.  I'm glad there's people tat support art and events that celebrate expression and creativity :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I don't think I've announced this yet but I'll be showing some of my pens and sharpies in this upcoming group show at AUTOBODY Fine Art in Alameda.  It's a great chance for those who've only seen them online to go see them live!  I'll be there too so you can witness my artist aura.   Tony Hoang and Apryl Pascua will also be showing work and they are my buddies.  But yeah, come out on Friday night this week from 6pm to 10pm and enjoy the show!  If you come up to me with a secret code I'll give you a free introduction! (code is COPOLYMER)

In other news, I started another self portrait but this time it's a painting in acrylics.  I'm trying to go from brushstrokes to definition in parts of the painting I'll post it later so you can see.  I started painting again because most of my work so far has been drawings and I love drawing but painting is something I like to do as well.  And if I don't exercise it often I'll lose my edge.  So I'm probably going to paint things that don't mean much to me for a while.  If you want them you can have them but you have to find me first ;)

See you guys later and hope you come to the show.  If you haven't done so yet please subscribe, follow me on twitter, or add me as a facebook friend.  I think my root is /vix4here kk thx cya!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Out to Kill

Amazingly enough I have managed to continue making art during this dreadful heat.  I started on and finished 1 of 2 duralar pieces and for some reason started another pens and sharpies.  There was something I wanted to explore with the red sharpie mark because it wasn't completely dark enough to cover dark lines.  One of the duralar is a self portrait.  For this piece I decide to draw myself with no reference photos because that's how I would draw people when I first started drawing when I was a kid.  There are many egotistical words written all over the piece and I decided to write those down because normal self-portraits of artists are always weird or modest but seldom egotistical and revolting.  So I gracefully rose up to the challenge.