Wednesday, July 23, 2008

American Idol + Twitter

So I really wanted to audition for American Idol this year because I love to sing. I used to be in Choir back in HS and took like 6 months of singing lessons which kinda helped me keep singing. 4 years later (2008) I still sing even though I'm not part of any choirs or anything of the kind and I thought maybe auditioning for AI would be a funny way to evaluate what I'm worth in the public media. Anyways here's what I would have auditioned with if I didn't miss the deadlines. The song is Chasing Pavements by Adele (Sung A Capulco!) :) Sorry about the metronome sound in the back it's not part of the song...

Chasing Pavements.mp3

This is the face I would have made if I won and this is the face I would have made if lost (left right respectively)

I also opened a twitter account and it's pretty cool to keep in touch with people you know or to just let people know what you are up to.  If you want to befriend me and follow me look for me by email - at  Don't be shy new experiences are always exciting and you never know what is up next when I'm in the mix ;)

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