Monday, March 23, 2009

Newest Drawing, Portrait for My Sister, and a Little More About My New Series!

Here's my newest drawing for my pens and sharpies series.  This one is turning out really well and I like the transparency effect the object is giving. I tried taking close-up pictures so you can experience these to its fullest.  If you were in a gallery and these were hanging they would easily inspire the urge to get closer and check out the details.

Here's a copy of the statement for my new series:
"Everything I do is based off spontaneity. When growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil and California I was drawn to the random vandalistic acts on street, both graffiti and actual violence. My work feeds off this type of spontaneous energy by exhibiting street art-like tendencies through a non-conventional use of materials; using paint substituting for spray cans or reintroducing pens and sharpies as fine art materials.

For this new series I have decided to use pens and sharpies as the main medium. There's a lot of versatility in seemingly common everyday objects and I showcase their potential for art. My work has become very obsessive and has passed the norm; the pens are no longer a sketch material because of the work's size and complexity.

When people view my work I hope they realize that art is not limited in any way. Art materials are not only found at Michael's or Blick's. I hope to elude to the fact that art does not have last forever, but can be ever changing and unique in its moment in time like living organisms. "

I was also painting this portrait of my sister because I forgot to give her a birthday present.  It came out really cool looking actually and I was happy that I was able to layer so many colors on top of the skin even though I'm using acrylic paint.  I love working on skin for hours.  There is something magical about creating skin that breathes.  Who knows I might explore painting again on my next collection of art.

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