Monday, March 15, 2010

Making its Way to a Finish and Show down in Oakland.

I know I haven't posted 2 weeks after the last post, in fact it has almost been a month. I was a little busy since it was birthday and all and I just got a brand new camera in which I'll use from now on for the photos on this blog. No more Iphone shots yay! (Exceptions apply) Anyways this is my latest work and I'm almost done. I need to hang it with its instalation component to see if everything balances. It seems that that's all I look for when making artwork, balance. But my balance is so off balance that you need to hang out around these a little bit to feel the different gravity.

I also started working on a sculpture. I have never done a sculpture that I liked so I decided to take it upon myself to make a 3D object that resonates well with my paintings. I'm looking to infuse mostly colors and abstractions and also using a lot of materials recognizable to most people. Again with the whole "warm" feel I want my paintings to have by using furniture. I decided also to use makeup for these sculptures since the art store sucks at making anything new and relevant. Boo for shimmer acrylic paints. Boooooooo!!!!

This is a Victor Salazar Exclusive Close Up of an Unfinished Piece.

Feel free to click on it and enjoy how much my new camera captures. Go on touch it ;)

In other news! My latest show at the CSU Oakland Business Extension Building place is going down in the 19th so if you haven't checked it out yet please do and leave a comment with your reactions to the paintings or the receptionist that day.

I'm also working on my own website!! That's right I'll have my own website with all my work in it nicely organized and all. It'll feature everything you need to know or see involving me as a n artist. Don't worry y'all I'm still doing the blogs :D The website is a place for finished works. THe one designing the website is my sister Anna Salazar. She's starting out a career in design very soon and I can't thank her enough for doing my website. It looks amazing and I'm fascinated by how much she can invent, she's truly a natural so please check it out and send her an email if you like it :) (assuming she'll put her contact in my website somewhere!)

I'll be back in two weeks with more pics and info about my work 'till then stay safe and riot for education like the girl in this video


Anonymous said...

fabulous work!

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