Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Verses Show and Updates!

Hello Everybody,

I've been working hard on the new series and right now I got the 6 foot piece of paper mounted on my wall.  It's hard work! The thing is so big it's hard to let my mind run free but it'll pay off in the end.  I decided not to post any pictures yet because I want to impress.   As I was drawing it it started looking like someone's huge sketchbook.  It looks really cool with the massive pen lines.  It somehow question what medium art needs to be made in anyways.  I think its got a lot of charisma and thought provoking potential that I hope people experience.  

I also decided to include in this post a slideshow of Verses so you don't have to click your way back to the first posts on this blog. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

ha ha i've seen it and it looks FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

That is such a freaking awesome slide show. Victor Salazar is the next big thing to hit America.