Monday, January 19, 2009

It's time

It's a new year and it's no time for jokes! I'm preparing for this next season and gearing up for my future shows. It will be SPECTACULAR, GROUNDBREAKING, AND INAPPROPRIATE! It all starts with clearing up the clutter in my room and setting up good habits and a good office to work from :)

I'm almost finished with my upcoming exciting off the hook new series! I have one of the big ones almost finished which you can see below.  There'll be 3 big drawings in my series and once I complete the remaining two I'll feel comfortable enough to show! I already have some spaces I'm thinking about sending packets to hopefully they'll like my work.  Throughout this whole process making these drawings I constantly thought about my art process and the possible things poeple might get from it. The drawings challenge our thought about art materials and I try to bring in BIC pens in the mix. The sharpies I use are not temporary so I'll have to preserve them with spray but by looking at it it seems like I challenge the archival aspect of art too.  The style is still street art inspired and you know I'll keep it fresh cuz I'm not old! Jk

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Anonymous said...

your work looks very cool in this photo! certain parts jump out whilr other receed, reating a wave of information in the image. Theres definatly a gaffitti influence, but I get the feeling there's a bit of a "caligraphy" aspect too with the wave, and the jutting lines. Intersting work, it look good so far; up close though....i noticed the shapries limmitations in covering such a large area. It bothers me a bit beicase I feel it detracts from the beautiful design some.

-emily vanderlaan