Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Art and Inspiration

I have been thinking lately about the meaning of art and what it means to be an artist and I hate the fact that most artists seem to be ok with being people that make drawings for other people to enjoy.  Just last week I was finishing a class and was kinda discouraged of making art because one of my teachers would say things like "you can't sell this" or "people won't like to buy things from you" and it's kinda like where is the sense of being somebody gone to.  Can't we make art that's for ourselves and have people appreciate the fact that people like us exist?  I'm a bit scared everything will just pass me and I'll be left wondering why I wanted to become an artist the first place.  I'm working with these new exciting materials and couldn't take the idea that people think I make art to please others so I wrote "I like paintings that make me think" on it to kind of signify this sarcastic view I have when making art.  Below you'll find also some of my pens and sharpies drawings hung the way i want them hung. I hung them in my room :P so I can live with them a little bit. 

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