Monday, June 1, 2009

Graduation + Probably Last Drawing of the Series.

Hey everybody. It so happens I'm graduating this month and getting my degree woo hoo!  College has been a crazy experience.  I'm gonna miss everything and it's going to be weird not waking up and going to school or learning.  Now it's gonna be like wake up and go to "work" then do art.  What I'll miss the most is the critiques but I'm trying to create a group based in Alameda to discuss art.  It'll be called "Hot Tamales You Can't Afford" and we'll have meetings with lots of booze and chips.  I wanna find people who sort of resonate with my style and who'd be willing to post something about their art monthly on another blog.  The main idea is to discuss the process of art making and gaining experience as a group and maybe have group shows.  If that sounds like it's something you'd like to do email me some JPGS of your work and your name and I'll decide if you'd fit the group. Yes there are a couple of people already in it. 
The drawings above are from my last drawing of the pens and sharpies series.  I've been repeating shapes a lot recently and it kinda has to do with the fact that repeating shapes- not necessarily exactly the same way- gives this idea of movement and basically brings the shape to life.  The gesso helps give the 2d shape a 3d space so it feels like it's moving away further into the paper.  You can't really see well from these pics it's more like a personal experience type of deal.  I'm having a show at AUTOBODY FINE ART in August so you'll be able to see it better if you attend :)  It's a group show so not all my pieces will be in. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't!

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