Monday, July 20, 2009

B * O * L * D

I've been working on these drawings out of the blue just to get my hand moving.  I like moving my hand quickly through the paper and I think there's a nice quality to fast lines that seem to lose control.  I also like the play between conformity and spontaneity in the drawings I made.  The duralar piece I'm showing here is semi-old but I visited it again with some more color and changed the composition a bit.  I'll add a nice sentence on the bottom but I'm still thinking of what it should say.  The color palette, when I was done with it, kind of reminded of a pallete my professor, Grace Munakata, wouuld use in some of her paintings.  I was very color minded in the duralar even though I'm color blind.  People ask me "how do you know what color to use"  I really don't but I'm not complete color blind so I know what some color schemes feel like so it's not like a colorful painting is an impossible task for me.  

I'm still looking for employment and once I get it I'll try to get a studio asap.  I wanna work on stuff and hang it on the wall and just create till something hits me really hard.  


Anonymous said...

Each piece is dynamic and full of energy. I am intrigued by your sense of style and the manner in which you use your medium. Great work.

Boostmetal said...

I was wondering why those roses looked familiar. Anyway, the newly-added colors are working well thus far, and the chevron shapes in the second of the newer drawings are looking mighty exciting. Must be the juxtaposition of their hard-edged, graphic forms against the softer, more gestural lines of their surroundings.