Monday, September 7, 2009

Many Directions

In this post I've decided to show all different works I have going on right now at my "studio".  I like all of them but time will come in which I'll have to decide which one I have to choose to work on first.  I decided to let you guys influence my decision :O

I started a new set of pens and sharpies.  They are different because the process that i used to make has changed a bit so I call them the NuPensAndSharpies. The main difference is that i use watered down white gesso and things are monochromatic.  So in a way I'm making the work look more complex by using more shades.

The paintings on the left( or wherever they are I can't see where they'll end up blogger is stupid)  are two different set of works.  The first one is part of my club series in which I paint club like experiences but viewed in a lighter perspective.  The paintings on the right are my newest paintings in which I use personal experiences and alter egos to create a a world lightly based on my personal life.  Both works are very different in feelings.

So which body of work are you interested in seeing grow first? :)

I must also mention that I have a duralar series as well but I need to take new photos of those and post them.

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Boostmetal said...

My vote's for the NuPensandSharpies, with the duralar works being a close second. A NuPensandSharpies image on duralar could be interesting, too, come to think of it...

Leslie Ann said...

I like your new series, NuPensandSharpies. The watered-down gesso helps to make things pop-out more. All of your work is great! It’s obvious that you felt passionate about each piece, and you should continue doing whatever you feel most passionate about at the moment when you’re creating your art –that’s what makes your artwork come to life!

Anonymous said...

The lady with the candy looking things reminds me of Candyland, the board game. I would call it Twisted Candyland lol

Anonymous said...

sorry last candyland comment was meant for a different blog post, but you get the point