Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Opening (Zeitgeist)

The opening was a lot of fun and it was cool to see the new series on a gallery's wall.  The big drawings when hung look  a little wrinkly but it kind of goes with the sketchbook spontaneous feeling I was going for.  If you were to buy you could always frame it though :P  We were required to make free art to give away and put outside the gallery.  I made a stencil of me and a pokemon and put it outside.  Thank goodness it got taken! You know how weird it would feel to have artwork rejected even if it's free?!  Anyway here are some pics of the show!

Free Art

I was "volunteering" today at a booth at summerfest and Kaila, the booth's owner's daughter found out that I draw and asked me to draw random things for her.  I actually drew because it'd be a fun experiment to see what kind of things she'd want.  Below is a pic she requested.

I also wanted to thank everyone that came out to see the show.  I'm glad there's people tat support art and events that celebrate expression and creativity :)

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