Saturday, October 10, 2009

Verses Opening Reception

People Arguing outside the Lounge.
Blurry Pic of people who came to show support and enjoy some drinks.
My sister Anna and Devin Posing for the blog readers.
People who first saw my work and it changed their lives.
Some of my paintings on the wall.
These paintings are suspended by metal wires. Aric did an awesome job!
Me and Anna.
I look so evil and sketchy in these pics. Not a good way to promote my image.
Meanwhile the argument continues.

So a couple of days ago was the opening of my show Verses Revisited at the Dirty Bird Lounge in Hayward. It was awesome one of my friends bought me 2 scooby snacks and we played some pool. Amazingly enough I didn't do as bad as thought I would. It's because I have math skills. Thanks for all who came and of course lots of pics from the opening in this post. I am working on a bunch of new work and have a studio visit scheduled. I'll post more on those two things on the next post. But for now enjoy the pics ;)

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Leslie Ann said...

Awesome show, Victor! The Dirty Bird Lounge was a great place to show your work -your art enhanced the bar's atmosphere just as the bar's environment added character to your artwork.