Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Done With This Painting and Internship at a gallery!

Creative head.

I just finished the painting above and I actually started on another new painting from this series. It's coming together nicely and I can't wait to buy more wood and paint scenes with narrative. I want it all to feel elusive, dark, and hopeful. Maybe that's how I felt when I was growing up? Who knows! i'm still working on the pens and Sharpies too and I'll post some of those on the next post. I'm doing this thing where I draw with the marker and quickly drag gesso on top creating this painter smudge like feel on the drawing. It's interesting because it's done in markers and pens and not paint but it looks like paint.

In other news I started an internship at a gallery and it's a lot of fun. I like staying in the same place as other people's art and now it's clear why people purchase these. The longer you live with them the more you start to understand and appreciate the medium and intent of the artist. They make you think and analyze so much it's so interesting. I would type in here what gallery I'm in but I'll just say it's in SF. So if you see me you get a special reward for finding me.

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kirkleclaire said...

and the reward would be?...another successful student.