Monday, November 9, 2009

Free Art? Childhood?

To Open the month I participated in this Free Art event in Oakland Art Murmur. That's right I handed out free art. Okay it wasn't like anything super expensive but I printed out and editioned two of my paintings. It's copyrighted material so there's a little thrill to it ;) Below are some photos of the process and finished product of the free art. Free Art is good because it gets people to collect and value the power of collection of singular objects. It's kind of a romantic idea but I'm from Brazil and I'm the last romantic. Enjoy the pics I might do it again. Maybe I should print out big prints and sell them online what do you guys think? They'd be very cool and detail and big. Maybe bigger than the real thing lol.

I have been working on the childhood series lately but very slowly. That's because I can't find a job anywhere and it has been a little frustrating. Below are some pics of a sketch and a painting in its premature levels. I hope you like where this is going. I'm putting a lot emotion into this :)