Friday, June 25, 2010

At the end of the Childhood road.

Great News! I was featured in an online interview of sorts at You guys should totally check out the interview as well as the website of these wisconsin-based art hunters. And the blog got mentioned too so it's like we are all famous :)

To see the interview click here!

Below is my newest piece from Childhood (the series). In this I painted the fountain character with a very heavy painterly feel and focused on vibrant rich colors that I premixed and layered on top of the surface. The surface consists of two shelves; one gray and one white, and it give a a nice minimalist background. This piece is coming along well I might sandpaper some parts of it down where the matte medium clumped but other than that it'll be this weird monochromatic piece. If you look closely there's some ebony pencil which give movement to the painterly strokes.

And below here I have the piece I was working on since last posting. It is pretty much done except I want to experiment a little bit with glazing and making colors a little more vibrant. It'll change just a tad bit and it'll be a little more colorful but the gist of it will remain the same. Just like the one above and the live painting I used ebony pencil on this one too. I fell in love with the carbon charcoal look again :)

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