Monday, September 29, 2008


This Sunday was the day me and Lovekin set up for our show, URBAN ROCKSTAR, that'll be part of first friday this upcoming friday.  We both decided to take 2 walls each and I thought of decorating the space but since Lovekin has tons of art the place didn't need any extra things :)  The whole set up came out looking very nice but some of the lights were not working so half of the paintings are not lit up.  We should have that problem covered by friday.  While transporting the artwork from my car to the gallery I passed by this KOREAN PLAZA place on Telegraph Ave.  I love asian chips so I went inside and bought some. I bought one that had portuguese writing on it along with the asian characters.  I also bought these really oily steamed buns that gave me a headache later that day.  Anyways here are some pictures from the set up.  Enjoy!

I didn't update my blog in two weeks because I was so busy dealing with the show and all.   I'll resume my weekly posting schedule after the opening woo hoo!

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