Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking for an Opening Outfit

My show is coming up and it just hit me that I don't have anything cool to wear.  I usually don't care about clothing but because it's the opening and there'll be people that potentially want to meet with me I  have got to present myself properly.  I was thinking of different outfits but I can't think of any outfits that would go well with this event.  I know people in Oakland usually dress very grunge and punk like and my art has a little bit of that taste.  But how can I translate it to an outfit?  I went to San Jose to find answers and came up with a couple of solutions.  I think I might do the vest thing you know?  Like a dress shirt and a vest with some jeans cool belt and shoes.  This style is getting overdone though so I have to find a really weird vest that would break the cycle.  Another idea I had was to find patterned everything.  Blazer, dress shirt, pants, with solid black socks and patterned shoes and black gloves.  When I talk about patterned I mean super patterned almost to the point of being tacky but still having it balance somehow.  The idea is to have me look like a big piece of fabric walking around. the last thing I thought of was to wear something weirdly simple and modern as a way of asserting myself in the art world but having this hidden idea that I already passed modernity  with my hair style.  It's confusing but trust me it would work.  I found nothing of the sort at the mall and everything was super expensive.  We'll see what actually happens to my outfit at the day of the opening now won't we? ;)

Another problem the show has sprung up for me is redesigning the space.  I really like the black floor but I think it is my duty as an artist and philanthropist to spread my essence on the window and the back- ugly- wall.  We also need to find a DJ if anyone wants a gig this is the perfect time to send in a sample to me via email ;)


Anonymous said...

oooh new your new outfit is spiffy! Let me know if you want help setting up, otherwise, I'll see on the opening night (a Friday, right..?)!!!

-emily v

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful as always and those outfits are sexy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wear a sweater vest.