Monday, August 4, 2008

"This is the End" and new drawing added!

This weekend was very hot. Not only did the heat get to me but also my friend (in a non-sexual way), Allen Yang, from UCD came down to Hayward to visit me. I told him before hand that I wanted to make a song up and record so i could post it on my blog. We both enjoy music and for different reasons we can't always play because of other things (i.e: being an artist, studying for med school, or just taking poor bubbles out for a stroll.) We went to the music dept at CSUEB and found a room and created "This is the End" in which he gets to play a scorching solo and set up sexy intricate chords that not even the BEST of the BEST can expect in a song recorded on my laptop.

The lyrics were written by me and the base melody was created by both me and Allen. The arrangement and piano is Allen. I hope you guys enjoy the end result. Very Jazzy ;)

This Is The End.mp3

This is another drawing I've finished.  I used shapes to define bigger shapes and only used vertical lines to draw everything.  The more you look the more shapes you can find and the whole composition starts making sense when your occult finds those shapes.  I felt very accomplished when I saw this up in my studio.  I'm diving into deeper and deeper depths with my art and it feels like I'm going to end up somewhere great.


devinj said...

I've heard most of this song. Yay good for you Victor!! I am your number one fan.

Picasso said...
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