Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dead squirrels and Attitude

So I was walking my dog Bubbles the other day and in the middle of our walk we came across a dead squirrel.  Unlike most dead squirrels this one did not have any tire marks on it or was completely hard like most of them are when you find them dead on the street.  It was just lying there back on the ground and looking up to the sky.  I assumed it fell from the lamp post but my sister who was next to me said "you're an idiot."  A couple of days later I came across another dead squirrel but this one was in front of the driveway of where I live.  It was lying on the ground just  like the other squirrel we found the other day.  I knew something wrong was going on.  Squirrels are falling from high places and killing themselves! It's worst than the disappearing bees around the world!  I was so puzzled that I decided to take a picture of the poor animal but I was too late.  A car parked on top of it.  So I made a small drawing of it. 
Last week I decided to clear up things around my room because it was getting too crowded.  I threw many things away like plush toys, tourist sweaters, small souvenirs, and old notebooks for classes I've taken years ago.  I came across a lot of old technology like web cams, microphones, and little sound systems for computers. I had to throw those things away because I already have all of that built-in on my laptop.  Technology changes way too quickly y'all.  After clearing up most of the garbage I was collecting I started to feel the space reappear again in my room.  I decided to post drawings I like on the wall because I don't ever hang my art on my bedroom wall but this was the time.  I found this drawing of two women facing the viewer from the back and posing with attitude.  I decided to put them both together because I thought they made a good team.

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