Monday, August 11, 2008

Mama Buzz cafe + San Francisco + World of Warcraft

Last week I went to Oakland to discuss my upcoming show at Mama Buzz cafe in October with Irene Ross, the curator, and James Lovekin, the other artist exhibiting alongside of me.  The show will run from October 3rd to the 25th.  Me and Lovekin's art is similar in many aspects.  We are both inspired subcultures and our art is popping.  I'll be exhibiting all my paintings from the Verses shows and he will be exhibiting from his Sideshow series which I think is currently up in Luca's cafe in Oakland.  Irene is super nice and we had a friendly smoke when we went over things.

The space is nice but I'm still thinking about redesigning it a little bit. I want it to feel like a show rather than an exhibition and I hope I can create an environment attractive enough to draw some attention.  I'm thinking something black and dramatic to go with the white walls.  We can't really abuse the walls so I'm thinking of things that'll stick. 

On other news we went to San Francisco because I haven't done anything fun in a while.  Sometimes it's good to take time to yourself and just kick back and drink a mocha and think about things..
We also saw these cool sunglasses ads and decided that our sunglasses should be part of it.
On a sadder note I quit playing this really infamous online game, World of Warcraft.  I played it for about a year and a half but lately it's been just very monotonous so I decided to stop.  In-game I joined a guild (you probably think I'm nerdy) and I did help people in it when I had time.  I always thought my acts of kindness- running people through dungeons, helping them in arena battles, or just protecting them from the opposing faction- would always be taken for granted because of the nature of the game.  But when my last day came and I bid farewell to all my guildmates they actually thanked me, each one individually, for things I've done to help them in the past.  I couldn't believe the amount of responses and people whose game experience I changed by just lending them a hand.  It was very touching :.)  I felt moved and I think it was because when I used to live in Pomona, CA I felt sad that I had to leave all the friendships I created and all the people that changed me or whom I changed.  Everything comes to an end someday and only after a while you realize how good it was. 


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Anonymous said...

I love those pictures and i especially think the coffee cup with the drip is great