Monday, August 18, 2008

Book review+ I was fat+ Very First Drawing

I've been reading this book called The Accidental Masterpiece by Michael Kimmelman.  It's very interesting and easy to read.  Kimmelman writes about the beauty of art which is very hard to define but he somehow does it by mentioning various works that are considered art. When I read most of it it kinda seemed that everything could be art if you just gave enough thought.  But then as you read more and more and how photographs taken by "normal" people can be passed as art- taken in consideration the randomness of the shot and the idea that an untrained eye taking the photograph- Kimmelman starts to uncover the other factors of art-making that are often not thought about or even noticed as art by most people.  His criticism of the art included in the book is also very helpful if one wants to  understand what critics think about when viewing art- and apparently they think about EVERYTHING.  If you read this book you will definitely have more to contemplate when viewing art other than just technique and retinal qualities.  

On other news, I've discovered that my skin is highly elastic.  This results from the time I was a little more spacious than the average citizen (220 lbs.)  I wore pants that were size 40-42 and ate a crunch bar religiously everyday.  I also had tons of pimples and my forehead looked like the back of the crunch bar I was eating.  But I lost it all. It happened when I decided to stop eating burgers and drinking soda and started exercising regularly.  Now I'm super hot and everybody loves me. Well not really, but it does feel good to lose all the weight.  

This is the very first drawing I made from the drawing series I'm working on.  The concept of it all is to have drawings which people can associate with by seeing that they were drawn with ball point pens.  I want people to feel the human hand but not the artist human hand but a anyone's hand like "I could do that too" type of feeling. I use gesso instead of white out because white out is too messy and gesso sends the same I-did-this-with-office-supplies-and-lots-of-time feeling that I want people to feel. I'm thinking about making a new drawing this week inspired by the flying 7' x 6' slab of concrete that hit me and my sister on the 880 freeway here in CA and once its done I'll post it.

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Bobby said...

Love that drawing. It seems to incorporate elements of graffiti. Sick!